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Drain Rooter in Pittsburgh PA

You have tried everything you can think of to deal with that drain that keeps on backing up into the kitchen sink. Helmken Plumbing, a plumber in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gets to the root of that problem with a drain rooter. This machine is made for those heavy-duty plumbing clogs and obstructions.



Rooter Service: Pittsburgh & Surrounding Cities

We all know that much more than water makes its way down the drain, such as hair, grease and small objects. When this happens, you notice water draining at a slower pace and if left unchecked, backing up into your sink, toilet, tub or shower. Let us help you with our professional drain rooter service.


Drain Rooter Plumbing: Pittsburgh, PA

There are many ways to unclog a drain. You likely have used a few of these methods yourself from vinegar and baking soda to chemical drain cleaners. Perhaps, you have gone so far as to use a drain snake to get to the source of the clog. When these do not work, you require experienced rooter service from Helmken Plumbingin Pittsburgh.

Drain Rooter Machine: Pittsburgh, PA

As professional plumbers for 10 years, drain cleaning is a common request from customers. Sometimes, a drain snake deals with the clog. Other times, we use hydro jetting with extreme water pressure to break up and blow the problem through the pipes. When this is not enough, ask us about using a drain rooter as the solution.

Rooter in Pittsburgh, PA

Helmken Plumbing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has all the equipment and tools necessary for drain rooter plumbing. A drain rooter is a machine equipped with a hose and cable. The hose keeps dirty water from flooding your floor. The cable is fed into the drain to remove the obstruction.

We use this handy machine to clean out badly clogged drains that are backing up. A drain rooter is a clean, convenient and effective solution to this plumbing problem. Ask us to help you with our rooter service.

When your drains are backing up, contact us immediately so our plumbers can use a drain rooter to clean out those pipes. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Washington, Jefferson Hills, Carnegie, Mcdonald, Oakdale, Elizabeth and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.


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