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Hydro Jetting in Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, hydro jetting cleans your sewer system pipes through the use of a high pressure hose. The water jetting out is strong enough to clear up stubborn blockages caused by roots and clogs. Hydro jetting can clear several hundred feet of piping thanks to the strong pressure the water is placed under.  This process clears about seventy to ninety percent of the pipe, making it much more effective than the traditional method of snaking the pipe. Using the access openings that are already present in your plumbing system, our plumbers will direct the pressurized water through the pipes. This water is strong enough to clear out large size blockages and tree roots that may creep into your plumbing system.

Residential and Commercial Hydro Jet Services

Although you may see backed up water appear in your home all of a sudden, clogged pipes don't just happen overnight. Residue and buildup take time to collect on the insides of the pipe. In some cases snaking the pipe only clears a small path through this residue and buildup. Hydro jetting clears a much larger section of the piping. This keeps the issue from recurring.  Using a hydro jet hose to clear your pipes can save you money in the long run. 


You do not have to wait until the issue occurs to call us for hydro jetting services in Pittsburgh. We hydro jet as part of your routine preventative maintenance for your home. Like cleaning out your gutters, cleaning your pipes can prevent much bigger problems in the future. We can perform hydro jetting in Pittsburgh for commercial or residential locations. Restaurants are one of the commercial locations that can benefit the most from this service, as grease can get put down the drain and lead to the pipes getting clogged.

To find out more about how hydro jetting can help your entire plumbing system, call Helmken Plumbing: Mt. Lebanon's hydro jetting experts. We handle residential and commercial hydro jetting in Mt. Lebanon, Upper Saint Clair, Dormont, Edgewood, Swissvale, South Park, West Mifflin, Brentwood, and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.


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