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Water Heater Repair in Pittsburgh PA

Water Heater - Water Heater Repair
When your hot water heater is not doing its job, it is time to call in a professional, such as a plumber from Helmken Plumbing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whatever the problem is we have the experience and knowledge required for water heater repair.


If repairs are not enough, our plumbers are more than capable of installing water heaters for you. We repair and replace units from Rheem®, A.O. Smith Corp., Bradford White and Rinnai®.

Water Heater Service: Pittsburgh & Surrounding Cities

Expect our skilled plumbers to be on the way to your home or business after you tell us what your plumbing problem is. Often, it centers on a unit that does not produce enough hot water or water that is not hot enough. Other concerns include:

  • Leaks
  • Gurgling Noises
  • Bad-Smelling Water
  • Discolored Water

Gas Water Heater Repair: Pittsburgh

The smart thing to do when you experience problems with your gas hot water heater is to call in the professionals. Our plumbers know how to make repairs that are safe and effective.

We start with the basics, such as making sure the unit is turned on, the pilot light is burning and the temperature is set high enough. Then, we check the components. If the air smells like garlic, exercise caution and call us to make gas water repair heaters quickly and safely.

Electric Water Heater Repair: Pittsburgh PA

No hot water? For electric water heater repair, our plumbers check for problems with the power, controls or heating elements. We make sure your unit is receiving electricity and that its fuses are in working order. Then, we inspect the components and heating elements, and look for leaks.

As you can see, water heater repair requires a familiarity with the unit that ensures the work is done correctly. Our skilled plumbers handle repairs professionally and effectively.

Tankless Water Heater Repair: Pittsburgh

The repairs for tankless water heaters vary based on the energy source–natural gas or electricity. Often for a gas unit, we clean and replace the burner. With electric tankless water heater repair, we check to see if the heating element needs to be replaced.

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